Friday, July 15, 2016

Action speaks louder than word

Assalamualaikum dear readers!

I am back again to write up on something, well from the title above you guys should really know kan yang its real that 'action speaks louder than words' ! Sape kat sini penah putus cinta? angkat tangan angkat tangan! haha

Well, you know what hidup tanpa ujian tak bermakna.. you will only realize you are one strong person, learn how to be patience and becoming a better person after you are going through a lot of obstacles towards dunya kan? Not really in term of 'percintaan' but no matter what we are doing it, we have our own battle to fight the struggles kan?

I believe, at the time you are being so depressed with those test you will become someone who you are not, yeah sometimes.

Tapi kan dear readers, at the end of the day.. I believe we should be thankful a lot to Allah swt, hidup tanpa ujian, I believe, we are nothing in this world. We are only a slaves, the only thing with need in life is sabr.  

Baca la selalu, semoga hilang segala keresahan hati..


Tiada tuhan selain Engkau, Maha Suci Engkau, 
sesungguhnya aku termasuk dalam golongan yang zalim

Jap, nak relate entry ni dengan tajuk macam tak masuk lagi je point dia.. so you know, talk is so cheap.. action means everything. So do you, if you want something, put effort in it! Not only put the talks hahaha semua orang boleh cakap, but one who believe, who one who makes an action!

Ok, jumpa lagi di next entry.. chaw chin chaw! (^____**)

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